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The next uncontrollable nuisance?

There are ways of using Unified Communications tools properly. Email has become an unstructured and confusing tool for business, why? Because users use it incorrectly. It has become perfectly acceptable to fire out emails to all and sundry, blindly and to expect clear responses. Users forget that words make up only a very small percentage of communication, over 90% of communication is in intonation, gesture, facial expression etc. Email should be a supporting tool in your communications not the key tool itself.

As UC propagates its way into both our work and home lives, we need to ensure that people understand how UC should really work, lest we face another fantastic tool being abused and becoming a scourge on our lives. UC is about finding and using the most appropriate tool with which to communicate and collaborate with our colleagues, family and friends. It is not there to provide multiple ways of pestering people until they respond. If you can see from Presence Information that someone is in a call, why call their mobile device too? The recipient can, to a point, choose what forms of communications to receive and when. It is up to them how manage their incoming calls and messages.

If UC etiquette is not explained properly to those using it, starting with business and education, then these genuinely great tools will also become an oppressive nuisance. As industry leaders, we need to guide organisations through this learning process and not let the tools become an uncontrollable pain in the backside such as email is today.

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