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Technology Projects & Change Management

Blah, Blah, projects not blah about blah technology any more blah… but things are really starting to change… and at some pace!

As technologies continue on their journey toward cloud subscription models, the importance of realising the ROI of a technology project becomes more critical. In the past if you deployed Exchange on-premises, you deployed the server infrastructure, procured licenses and then people either used or didn’t use the solution. Now that organisations are bringing multiple applications, governance, security, telephony and collaboration all together under the Microsoft Teams banner; delivering a half-adopted solution will only result a disconnected and ill-fitting solution that will never meet its objectives or projected ROI. Not something any self-respecting C grade would want to hang their hat on.

So where does that leave pre-sales and solutions? Well, the old stuff will take years to dissipate, people will still be moving from SfB Server to Hybrid SfB Online or at some point Hybrid with Teams, but with Teams, the projects now need to be approached in a more thorough manner. Knowing your technology is no longer enough. Driving adoption, understanding the business processes and the active application of Change Management is more important than ever before in the delivery of modern technical projects.

Energies need to be focussed on taking the technology and processes, understanding the business vision, mapping the two tightly together and then ensuring you get the ROI and Adoption that will make your business processes and productivity sing. You need everyone in the organisation understanding what is happening, why it is happening, who is sponsoring the project at an Exec level, why and who will it will benefit, and what are the implications if the organisation doesn’t change… That kind of project approach is only possible with proper user adoption services and engaging with certified Change Management Practitioners and the services they deliver. Just to be clear, this technology lark is not about technology! 😊

Remember that industry stats indicate that only 15% of projects, run without any Change Management, actually go on to fully meet their original objectives*. Just listen to that statistic, 85% of projects DON’T go on to meet their objectives and ROI. That’s huge!

*Prosci 2018 Benchmarking Report

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