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Teams Road Trip

I’m currently sat in the airport before heading over to New York and Boston to have a series of workshops with clients about intelligent collaboration and smarter ways of working.

Part of this week will be spent, not only aligning the clients to what Teams is and demoing it, but a large chunk will be dedicated to helping the audience understand the cultural changes and the impact that can be expected when rolling out an intelligent collaboration product … Oh, and how best to address them.

How do you change the mindset of an entire organisation when you roll out a disruptive technology like this? Classroom training? Online education? Champions? Well yes, probably some of each, but this cultural change needs to be driven from the very top too, and backed up with supporting communications, policies and governance. If you want to really transform the way your organisation works, you need to take control of what you want the technology to deliver, drive it in to the business with real commitment, and back it up with the right kind of user adoption for your business. Miss part of that out and it will become another ok-ish platform that may or may not be used.

Disruptive technologies give your organisation the chance to rethink how it works. Approached correctly, Teams will give you the opportunity to challenge habits and build something more efficient and effective.

– Discover what your users do and who they work with.

– Challenge the findings and users.

– Draw out what they think could help.

– Disrupt the legacy ways of working and build a new and better way, backed by the senior management.

– Adopt the change, educate the business and users, drive the changes home so they become an habitual change.

Change can be scary, but not changing can be far worse.

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