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Prosci’s ADKAR to be renamed NKAR for a while.

Before our friends at Prosci get all jittery – No, clearly, I am not serious, but there is a valid observation to be made here.

We know the ADKAR model is tried and trusted, but with the current situation, many organisations are being faced with the new, less tested, NKAR process. Register trademark to me, right? 😊

Awareness and Desire are, in many organisations, being replaced by Necessity. Is it right to replace these? Might be one for Prosci to share their thoughts on? None of us expected this situation, or indeed really planned for it, and if you think you did then I suggest you might need to have a word with yourself. The scale and impact has been incredible and organisations of all shapes and sizes have been rushing to deploy projects and new remote working and collaboration solutions.

Necessity has, in many cases, been used as the driver to deliver the solution. ‘You need to work from home as per the lockdown – so you will use this’. That is a very different message to the one you would normally deliver using the ADKAR methodology. Is this approach working? Well, it’s not, not working, but whilst there is clearly a need to make things happen quickly, don’t cut all the corners. There is still plenty of time to deliver an effective awareness campaign, even delivering a message to your remote workers saying ‘thanks for all your great work during this difficult time blah blah… we are trying to improve your ability to work from home blah blah… really need you to get on board and embrace this new solution even though it might be unfamiliar blah blah…’ How much time would that take to write/ record and disseminate?

Whilst there is a huge amount of enforced change going on in the world, don’t forget that you are still delivering yet another change to your user base. Lobbing technology out in to the wild without a decent Adoption and Change Management approach will probably end up frustrating your staff. They can’t just pop to their favourite IT person and ask a question, they won’t have the on hand support from colleagues that they are used to and they may well need additional help. Replacing desire with necessity is ok, but create desire from that necessity, and keep the rest of the ADKAR in play.

Pay special attention to look at who is and who isn’t using the new solution (here), the Ability and Reinforcement phases are now more important than ever. That is the part that will allow you to accelerate the adoption quickly and focus on those who really need the help.

NKAR® / ANKAR® (Pete Vasey 2020 – 😊)

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