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Are you losing your voice?

Sometimes I think too much about what is happening in the world of Unified Communications and communications in general. This may be one of those moments and I make no apology for it.

I have no doubt whatsoever that video will over the coming decades replace voice as the default method of communication. The capability and capacity of mobile networks is getting there but it will take a long time to build an infrastructure that can handle video as the main traffic. And that got me to thinking, what is the future of voice? Forget the article I wrote recently about the future of dial tone, I can’t see how, in the long term, that voice will survive as a standalone entity. When video becomes the standard communication method, then the voice stream is part of that video, so what is the point of a separate voice stream? Well, ultimately there isn’t one. Compliance regulations will of course need to address this too, but why treat video any differently to other form of technology based communication?

It will happen one day, and even now, I am encouraging the team I work with to make video the default escalation over and above IM. If you want to talk to me, make it a video call. We need to encourage the change in culture now so that we aren’t the ones left seeing video as an uncomfortable tool, we need to get in to the habit of using it ad-hoc and daily so that it becomes second nature and when that change starts to gather pace, we are ahead of the others.

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