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All about Zen

I work in an organisation that has a UC infrastructure with ALL the bells and whistles. We have that not only for productivity but so we can showcase what a correctly designed UC toolset can do for a company.

We pretty much ticked all the options boxes.

However, the last couple of days I have had no internet access at my home office. No not the fault of the provider, as it usually is, just a good old fashioned dead router. It struck me how Zen this all was. A fantastic, resilient and cutting edge solution was now, to me, now worth only the value of a £30 router.

Clearly I jumped in the car and went to the office… NO of course i didn’t… I worked offline, carried out my Lync VCs on my mobile and used a mix of 3G and coffee shops for the rest. So no damage done.

But do I start bringing high availability in to my home? Do we just no long expect hardware to fail? If the future of our communications laden world is to truly flourish, the resilience of home hardware needs to improve and the UK infrastructure needs a massive rocket up its largely outdated bum. Networks the core to all this and now even home equipment needs to be treated with the same attitude as that of kit in the data centre.

Failure is no longer an acceptable option.

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