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0% Email – Yeah baby!

I am a happy man. last week, during a normal working week, I dealt with 0% email. A landmark achievement. I really dislike email.. a lot…!

Is this an unusual statistic, not really no, over the last 4 weeks it has sat at the 2% mark which I am quite content with. Now don’t get me wrong, statistics can be highly misleading, but in this case they are pretty much bang on the mark. I just don’t work in Outlook any more, in reality I tend to leave my Outlook client open on the Calendar view. I find it clearer than the one it Teams and better for looking at my colleagues/ team’s workloads.

Email primarily get’s responded to when it comes from a client. If it is internal and someone emails me, I’ll message back in the team/ channel or direct.

Having a 0% email usage is great, but the collaboration stats are way more interesting, 56% of my time is spent in meetings, working with colleagues and clients, 15% is chats and calls directly. So 71% of my time is working with other people. 29% is my focus time. Now, whether the meeting I am attending is productive remains firmly in my control, but I believe that in general they are.

If you think back a few years, email was the absolute defining work communication tool… well no more. And if you ask me, this is long overdue. Finally there is a real shift away from hiding behind, or just sending blanket emails. Real collaboration is here.

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