Hi, I’m Pete Vasey. I am Head of Technical Service (Pre-Sales, Consulting and Adoption & Change Management) at Modality, a P-CSM, x-P-TSP, Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner, Solution Adoption Specialist and I have been working in Microsoft communications and collaboration since the dark, yet revolutionary, days of MS Mail.

There isn't much I haven’t experienced in the world of Exchange, Lync, Skype for Business, Teams and Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365, and Cloud in general, has brought new ways of working to the wider world and on this blog I intend to share information and thoughts on what is happening with not only the technical side of life, but more increasingly, the business and cultural changes that are now such a key components of successful projects.

Along with this I will also share my views on the world of Technology Enabled Cultural Change.

“If your supplier is only talking technical to you, they are not the right supplier. Walk away.”

You won’t agree with everything I say, but let’s talk about it… the change is coming whether you accept it or not.

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